Here are the Top 10 Wedding Ideas for 2021. What is your favorite?


Your wedding photos must be unique and special. That is why it is important to stay updated with the most popular wedding trends, to create special memories of the most important day.


So, if you plan to say: “Yes, I want to marry you!” in 2021, you can not miss the best ideas for your wedding photography in Riviera Maya to inspire you for your own wedding photo album.



This article may interest you:


1.   Photoshoot with animals

Actually, many couples are integrating animals in their wedding session. Pets have become special guests that you cannot miss on your special day and, when the wedding is outdoors there are couples who tend to include other types of animals such as rabbits, horses and more.

2.   Landscape Photography

If you want your photoshoot to be spectacular, your best option is landscape photography.


In this idea, the landscape predominates more than the couple and together they make a perfect combination. So, if you traveled to a special destination for your wedding like the beaches of Riviera Maya, do not miss the mayan ruins to ​​immortalize your pictures.

3.   Drone Wedding

Surely you already know what a drone is for, but it is an idea that you should include yes or yes on your wedding day in Riviera Maya.

A drone will capture unique and amazing pictures on your special day from a perspective that no one else will be able to see. It is an idea that you cannot forget!


4.   Original and Creative Photoshoot


If you want your photoshoot not to be like those of other couples, then you can opt for creative and artistic ideas. There are many ways to take this type of photograph by playing with the angle of the camera. Your photographer must be trained to be able to do magic with editing and make perfect scenes of you and your future husband or wife, with optical illusions.


5.   Smoke & Confetti Boombs

Another idea that will make your photo session different from the others, are the smoke or Confetti  bombs that are trendy in 2021.

These bombs will give your photoshoot a fun and colorful touch that will help capture adorable images of couples. Do not miss the opportunity to make a feast of colors in your photoshoot!


6.   Photoshoot Relaxed and Informal

If you still don’t have ideas for your photo booth, don’t worry. It is intended that the couple  can express their emotions in a real way and not in forced poses.


The best idea is to be relaxed during the shoot and make the photos look natural and spontaneous. From launching the bouquet, the first dance, the flirtations during the wedding in Riviera Maya and more, they will make photos have many memories.

7.   The First Look Session

This is the idea most loved by couples: The first impression before getting married.

This photoshoot is gaining relevance in 2021, as they give the photographer the opportunity to capture impressive and sincere photos of the couple.


You can also include the first look of the father and his daughter, as well as the bridesmaids.

8.   Don´t forget your family!

Another of the best ideas that you cannot miss for your wedding day is to take photos with your family members.


But forget about the boring photos, the trend in 2021 is to show the joy of wedding in emotional photos: laughing, jumping, making gestures, etc.


Take a moment of the party to take these photos that you are assured, you will treasure for life.


9.   Storytelling Photoshoot

This idea is also the favorite of couples and consists of the photographer acting as a photojournalist throughout the ceremony, all  moments that happen are captured.

In this idea, the images speak for themselves and convey the sensations that were experienced on the special day.

10.               Details Photoshoot

One of the ideas that you should not miss on your wedding day is to tell your photographer to capture all the details of your wedding in Riviera Maya, from the decoration, the reception, centerpieces, etc.

So over the years, you still have memories of how every detail of your wedding was and all the stress you had to make everything go perfect.

Make your wedding in Riviera Maya special!


Now that you know all the ideas, let us organizate your wedding in Riviera Maya infront of a blue beach with the best price possible: Contact Velvet Design now!